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Blueberry Apple Cotton Candy

Sweet n Sour


This Journal is mainly dedicated to my hobbies which are mainly sweets, dolls and other totally random things.

Basically, like many others I found my passion for Sweets at a very young age. The first love of Sweets developed after my first bite of the "Big White Rabbit" sweet, which is ever so creamy, chewy and tasty. And the rest are history...

As for my love for dolls only started around 5 years back. It was quite an unexpected discovery and development although I believed that it is linked to my natural born "Otaku" nature. The very first time that I ever laid eyes on a BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll) is back in 2004 during a trip back to Singapore for the hols. This first encounter is later followed by a rush of research to know more and so... The arrivals of more and more dolls each year along with the departure of money. *JOKING*

And so... this is the journal of very random things in this blueberry's life ;)