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Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Just a short post about Waltson's newest hairdye from Palty that they finally brought in... ^o^ v

Okay... the first good thing about this is that the price is the same as Beauteen (when its not on sale).
So its only SGD12.90 (but SGD13.90 for the blonde ones)!  <<---- is that cheap xD

The next good thing other than the packaging that is so cute and so Jap with Tsubasa as their model... is that one box is good enough for long hair so no need to buy 2 boxes and have one box half used only... >D
How long? Ermmm well I did measure my hair so its about 45cm long when pulled straight...

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye -- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

The only thing is that the colour IMO is not that strong and I did leave it in for 30mins which according to the instructions is the max.
So not risking to leave it on way too long in case my roots end up super light as if I'm wearing a lightbulb above my head all the time (it happened before =.= ...)

After washing... my hair still looked dark... T^T okay maybe because my base was dark and I've only dyed it like a month before...
Shall try again next time but its still worth it and there is not icky smell of dye processor so thats a good plus =D

Shall be more adventurous and try the blonde series next time x3


oh this is cute!! i just saw some online link the other day with tsubasa sharing make-up tips with dolly wink, seems like she's endorsing alot of nice stuff ^^ makes me wanna buy and try~

pictures with ur new hair colour pls.... <3
At these times I wished I have my point and shoot cams with me...

September 2010

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