Entering Q4 2010 : Post #2

So as to continue my last quarter resolution of updating my LJ...

This post is actually about the packages due to online shopping that arrived last and this week.
Sadly, no dolly stuff again, although one of them is on the way ^3^ v

The packages that arrived are...

1. My Alima ( mineral makeup sample products, which judging from the amount of samples that I've order you could say I went crazy... Yup there's I think 30+ samples ranging from foundation power, blush, eyeshadow and brow colour.


When I received the package it was so amazingly CUTE! Look at all the little cute bird design *o*
It comes with the ingredient info and an introduction to their products and their postage cost was very reasonable (super happy!)


I've yet to try them out but will update again on them when I do ;D

2. Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleep Mask - for acne prone skin like mine (although mine is more like an acne party ground =.=)

The smell is so nice just like freshly squeezed pink lady apple juice with a mix or granny smith (YUM!) 
And it is easily absorbed so no staining on the pillow case and no sticky feeling in non-ac/ fan room =DDD
So this is usable in Singapore weather ^o^ b

And MOST IMPORTANTLY -----> NO OUTBREAKS but visible reduction of redness after a week of continuous use

Baviphat Apple AC mask

Baviphat Apple AC mask 

Finally... Last parcel fron my online purchase that arrived today...

My Banila Co. Prime primer~~~

I tell you seriously when you have oily skin you will do or buy anything to prevent that all oiled up face when you go out (except going marketing <--- for me) and with the humid weather its really a challenge.

I think this is the 3rd product that I've tried since I came back within the last ~2 months ago and it works like magic... it is so easy to apply and after application my face feels so soft.

So with this as the base + Skinfood Peach Sake BB cream + under the sun for about 6hours = no shine or caking (makes my oil tank face a happy one)

Banila co. Prime primer

Hmmm... just realized that this is like an all makeup product post... shall post more dolly stuff when my special one arrives x3

Oh... just feel like saying this... I feel that its harder to stay calm when waiting for dolly stuff to arrive than other purchases! (Yes yes I am dolly freak) =D

Approaching the last quarter of 2010

This journal will now be partially friend locked <3

Doesn't time passes by when you are too busy or enjoying way too much?
ITS already approaching the LAST QUARTER of 2010!!! *0*

And so...

The professional NEET/ SLACKER in me decided to do something meaningful before the end of 2010
So I've decided to make an effort in trying to make better use of this "lazy"blog of mine.


100% RANDOM STUFF!!! <3333

200610:: 小Nigel  

Love & Kisses from Nigel my Cheeky Boy & Me ~
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Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Just a short post about Waltson's newest hairdye from Palty that they finally brought in... ^o^ v

Okay... the first good thing about this is that the price is the same as Beauteen (when its not on sale).
So its only SGD12.90 (but SGD13.90 for the blonde ones)!  <<---- is that cheap xD

The next good thing other than the packaging that is so cute and so Jap with Tsubasa as their model... is that one box is good enough for long hair so no need to buy 2 boxes and have one box half used only... >D
How long? Ermmm well I did measure my hair so its about 45cm long when pulled straight...

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye -- Cream Sakura

Palty Hairdye --- Cream Sakura

The only thing is that the colour IMO is not that strong and I did leave it in for 30mins which according to the instructions is the max.
So not risking to leave it on way too long in case my roots end up super light as if I'm wearing a lightbulb above my head all the time (it happened before =.= ...)

After washing... my hair still looked dark... T^T okay maybe because my base was dark and I've only dyed it like a month before...
Shall try again next time but its still worth it and there is not icky smell of dye processor so thats a good plus =D

Shall be more adventurous and try the blonde series next time x3

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